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    Fleet Maintenance Products & Services

    By Marek Krasuski

    Fleet maintenance encompasses a wide range of products and services. In its broadest sense, it includes everything from general repair and service, parts replacement, performance enhancing modifications, through to security and even financing. If you want to maintain a fleet, after all, the required funds under affordable terms are part and parcel of the whole process.


  • VCMS Security Services Inc.

    VCMS Security Specialists

    By Marek Krasuski

    Cargo theft costs the transportation industry, and ultimately the end consumer, $5 billion in content loss and related expenses. Such a significant cost to commercial carriers calls for equally robust measures to counteract this blight on the industry. VCMS Security is working assiduously with its carrier clients to minimize risk of theft through a comprehensive security system. VCMS provides interactive video monitoring and facility management service specifically designed for risk reduction in the trucking and logistics sectors.


  • Equipment North Inc.

    Northern Ontario’s Largest Rental Fleet

    By Marek Krasuski

    Mining is a highly specialized industry that demands the best in engineering, design, equipment and personnel to keep this industry, so fraught with potential disaster, safe and viable.


  • Spec & Tech

    Game Changer for the Parts Industry

    By Mike Whalen

    Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing as it’s also known, solves the problem of obsolete parts, quick parts delivery, fast turnaround for prototypes and molds.
    Using various metals and plastics the 3D printer can construct a part from a 3D CAD drawing or by measuring the original.


  • Polaris Transportation

    Polaris Leadership Development Program

    On Wednesday, July 20th a select group of dignitaries gathered at Polaris Transportation to celebrate the one year anniversary of the collaborative association between Polaris Transportation and each of the Ivey Business Schools at Western University and Lazaridis School of Business and Economics of Wilfrid Laurier University.


  • Tremcar Inc.

    Boston Steel Innovations

    Boston Steel upgrades its traditional wooden sills, replacing these by extending the height of our standard box style aluminum mounting and adding a new one inch rubber sill between the tank and truck frame.


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